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Fortenova Group certified among the Best Places to Work for 2024.

| AdnKronos |

| AdnKronos |

(Adnkronos) - ZAGREB, CROATIA - - 27 May 2024 - Fortenova Group, one of the largest groups in Europe operating in retail, wholesale, food and agriculture, recently achieved the best places to work certification for 2024. To achieve the recognition, the group was assessed by surveying employees about topics including engaging leadership, HR practices, compensation and benefits, workplace and procedure, giving back along with an evaluation of the group people strategy.

The certification reflects the Group's commitment to making every effort to achieve best employer status in terms of working conditions, and to being attentive and caring to each and every one of its employees.

In a statement from Fabris Peruško, Fortenova Group's CEO and Member of the Board of Directors commented, "Within very short time we have received the second independent verification that our dedication to permanent improvements of working conditions and employee satisfaction in general have borne results. Even more importantly, through this certification process, this has been verified by employees from different companies and different markets where the Group operates."

Gordana Fabris, Fortenova Group's Executive Director of Human Resources, highlighted the pride in Fortenova Group having received the Best Places to Work certificate and with it the confirmation of the international community that our focus on employees has been recognized and borne results. "We are particularly proud of the fact that 22 of our companies from five different countries took part in the certification process, with over 2200 employees having participated in the poll, and the results have shown that we are among the best employers in the region. Thank you to all of you for taking part in the certification process, because this way we make Fortenova Group an even stronger and better company"

Fortenova Grupa places significant emphasis on employee well-being through various initiatives, including comprehensive health and wellness programs, professional development opportunities, flexible work arrangements, and a supportive organizational culture that encourages open communication and feedback.

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